Who is Elly Russell?

Flashback to 1990, I was thrust into the brand new world of the Internet, most of the general population had never heard of email, very few people had a home computer and the first iPhone was still 17 years away.

However, I was learning how to build websites using HTML, while scheduling and writing content for a fledgling Internet Service provider.

Fast forward three years to 1996 I joined Microsoft as a web developer and spent two years creating content for MSN before an opportunity in 1998 came along to work for Amazon.co.uk in their marketing team.

Amazon wasn't live in the UK the day I went for my interview, the warehouse had half a dozen shelves andonly a few staff members shipping orders from it! but by the time all the paperwork was signed, Amazon.co.uk was online and two weeks later I began a five-year adventure in the world of e-commerce and marketing for huge growth, for the biggest online retailer in the world.

During this time, my love of photography grew, and in 2000 a fledgling boudoir business was born. Amazon was amazing, but by 2003 it was time to move on and follow a dream.

Fast forward to 2010, the boudoir business was put on hold and twin girls were born! Full-time Mummy took over for two years, where I learned how to multi-task like never before!

During this time the entrepreneur in me kicked into gear and I began looking at ways to earn money at home while raising the children, so I hired an amazing teacher and in April 2011 I started a cake decorating school called The Cake Makery

Managing this business is a part-time role, and as always I can't stand to be not busy so once the twins were in school full time, I picked up my camera once again and set out to re-invent my portfolio.

It's now 2020 and I am offering personal branding sessions alongside all the other services I can offer.

The world is changing, the way we market our products and services has changed. The human element is more important than ever and we live in an extremely visual, digital world.

My full list of services includes (but really are not limited to!) Personal Brand Photography, Headshots, Commercial photography, Event cover, Cosplay, Action, Sports and Dance.

I have had the pleasure to work with many talented people in the last few years, I am looking forward to adding your name to that list.